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Well, by now you’re up to speed with the latest test of our humanity so to speak.
From initially creating art to music, essays, cover letters and anything else we mostly dread doing, it’s almost certain that Ai is here to stay.
Or will it?…

It’s not like we’re rooting for Ai but the current developments within the past few months alone
set it up for a future that most people think will be more like The Hunger Games and Mad Max
or like Anthony Mackie’s Black Mirror episode and Altered Carbon. Either way, we’re in for a

It is worth noting that like most things that have come and gone, Ai could end up being just
another trend we needed to shake things up a bit and keep us on our toes. I mean, since covid
hit, the world has not been at a stand still yet we’re not moving. It is almost like we’re lost in
limbo and just going with the flow.

Whatever it is, Ai is still high key creepy. It’s great for a lot of things but the mere thought of
hidden context in the fine print regarding text and image rights and plagiarism is enough to
keep me as far from it as possible.

Maybe, just maybe, it will become something we can barely live without much like our
smartphones or it will be a defining “remember-when” memory. All I know is, we better strap in
and hope for the best.