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In a growing digital world, brands have learned to focus their attention where their audience is – online. Being in tune with an online audience goes beyond regular posts, videos and other engagement tactics. It also entails an in-depth analysis of the online atmosphere, even when things seem to be dormant for a brand. It’s better to stay ahead than be caught off-guard which is why social listening is important. 

Social listening is like a Hail Mary, it’s where you analyse all the eggs in your baskets (audience, sentiments, trends and general perception of your brand) and hope to God the results are good. It’s basically the technical part of having a brand presence online. Social listening tools allow for real time market research keeping you and your brand in the know about consumer behaviour, competition and everything else in between. It is an analysis of social conversations about a brand and using insights for future action plans. 

Social listening is more than the numbers, it looks at what’s driving those numbers and why. For example, a brand may have been mentioned 50 times in the last week, with social listening, you’re looking at what ignited the mentions (the reason or event that caused it), the feelings behind the mentions (sentiment and perception), what kind of consumers are interacting with the brand (are they full-time trolls or loyal customers), among other things. Social listening is like a cheat code to brand success; if it’s done right.

Zest Communications, a new, tangy creative agency offers social listening services in partnership with Arimac using their integrated social listening tool, Social Reach. Social Reach is an integrated social listening, media monitoring and reporting platform that facilitates the extraction of information from social media and web concerning a brand, product or service by carefully analysing the social trends, online conversations and vast sentiments of the masses. Arimac has an impressive portfolio, with clients like Emirates, Coca Cola, Vodafone, Microsoft, Nestle and Unilever.

Social Reach is all in one, making it simple to do everything brand-related in one place. It’s user-friendly, giving you as much as you require, based on your need. From social monitoring, keyword analysis, sentiment analysis and insight reports including language and gender analysis, Social Reach is well-positioned to propel brands to success with its cutting edge technology.

Sift through all the noise online to figure out what works for your brand so you can connect, engage and influence your audience. Email today to receive a free digital audit of your online assets.